Closing the Gap in Primary Science Inset

Learn how to improve the performance of all of your students, but particularly the lower achievers by improving their understanding.

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Many of our highest performing students are simply good at decoding exam questions rather than being good at scientific thinking. They can solve familiar problems easily and can be prepared for exams using lots of past papers often with little understanding, simply applying processes. The lower ability students lack this skill and need a deeper understanding to perform well in exams. The move by exam boards towards more complex multi-faceted problems could well mean the gap is closed by the 'top' students doing worse as they can no longer rely on memorised knowledge, but will have to apply scientific thinking.

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The course is based on research as to what really makes a difference to learning. It is not restricted to a traditional or progressive approach but is a fusion of the best of both. See how explicit instruction should really be done (and it's not about the teacher at the front of the room droning on for hours). How can we put the curiosity back into our classroom so that our students become intrinsically motivated and have a love for science not just an interest in passing exams. Research from the ASE has found that most practical work leads to little real learning and we will consider how to improve our effectiveness

  • You will learn how to use technology that redefines learning and makes your life easier. 
  • There will be a huge range of online resources that you can embed into your schemes of work instantly.
  • We will be creating a community of teachers who have been on this course in order to provide further cooperative support.